Babel Sound Lite 2013: world music, jazz, dance and in Balatonlelle

This is the fourth year when the Babel Sound Interactive World Music Festival awaits visitors with free programs in Balatonlelle at the Rendezvénypark, July 19-21. The multicultural festival invites visitors to submerge into the world of world music, jazz, dance and gastronomy. True to its name the festival hosts performers from around the world: besides the concerts of Hungarian, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Slovakian musicians, several international musical co-operation is there to enjoy.

Grill, terrace and music – Babel Kert awaits visitors in Balatonlelle until the end of August. Being different to the general festival selection Babel Sound Festival introduced this triade with its fresh and exciting programmes, lacking the mass of people gathered for crazy partying feeling.

In the previous few weeks it was decided that the Babel Sound Festival is to open again: between 19th-21st July 12 concerts, various dance workshops and each day 3-4 cooking shows await the visitors in Balatonlelle at the Rendezvénypark.

Babel Sound is an event for people who prefer a more homely, intimate, environment-conscious way of entertainment in our accelerating world. We create a „festival” that embodies a vision, and that envisages a future in which a summer music event offers entertainment, relaxation and cultural programs, retaining a balance with the environment. With this arrangement we plan to offer an opportunity for guests who prefer a quieter entertainment or who would like to take part in the event with their little children.

The structure of the program focuses on special social events (music and dance workshops, dance events, discussions, jam sessions) and scenes, and on the formulation of new bands rather than on presenting big international names. As a result of this, the festival has only three music stages in the traditional sense, but besides these numerous smaller installations and concept-premises await the audience.

According to the tradition of our Festival, the musical programme has a wide spectrum. Beside the four Hungarian performers (Fókatelep, Boggie, Presszó Tangó Libidó, Is... Real Project), the Slovakian Balkansambel invites us to dance and the Czech Medicimbal band plays us world hits on dulcimers. From Spain the De Cobre band –with the Hungarian singer - Maria Keck will be performing flamenco styled Hungarian and East-European gipsy music and the Julian Olivares Trio will play their latin melodies. We can dance to the music of the winner of the Dutch BalkanBlues competition, Amariszi band.

Three bands are international groups: the Haninah Project offers us a musical journey from the Balkan till East-Turkey, Sanké plays traditional West-African rhythms. The memories of David Dely – the lately deceased Columbian-Hungarian musician -  will be emerged by his former band Tumba y Quema and his mother Leonor Dely on stage together.

In contrast to the previous years practice this year’s programmes can be attended free of charge.

Thus a very cozy, family programme is guaranteed for the weekend in July 19-21 2013 in Balatonlelle.

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