Babel Sound Lite 2014: world music, dance and good fun in Balatonlelle, again this year

This is the fifth year when the Babel Sound Interactive World Music Festival awaits visitors with free programs in Balatonlelle, July 18-20. The multicultural festival invites visitors to submerge into the world of world music, jazz, dance and gastronomy. True to its name the festival hosts performers from around the world: besides the concerts of Hungarian, Spanish, Greek, Algerian, Moroccan, Czech, Portugese, Serbian, Egyptian, Indian and Indonesian musicians, the opportunity for international musical co-operation is there to enjoy.

In the previous few weeks it was decided that the Babel Sound Festival is to open again: between 18th-20th July 18 concerts, various dance and musical instrument workshops and several cooking shows await the visitors.

This year the festival programs are staged in three premises in Balatonlelle:

- 11 AM to 6 PM in Napfény beach workshop and small stage tents host dance and musical instrument performances and gastronomical events. Each afternoon 2 acoustic concerts are featured.

- Hungarian and international groups give concerts on the stage of the Rendezvénypark. 4 concerts per day 17-23 PM.

- Mini Bábel Kert offers the opportunity for active participation and jam sessions, a place created by organisers for interested professional and amateur musicians.

Detailed program, information here.

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